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UPS Education organized a seminar last Sunday to motivate students to study Psychology and contribute in mental health sector

Psychology conference by: Arvind Otta

Lecture on Current status of Mental Health facilities in India by Arvind Otta

UPS Education organized a seminar in Kolkata last Sunday to motivate students to study Psychology and contribute in mental health sector; aims to motivate students studying Psychology at both level A and B, in Level A we included students studying Psychology at their intermediate and graduation level and in Level B included students studying Psychology at their Masters, M.Phil Level.  Through the conference, it was become clear that Psychology is one the most important and exciting subject open to young students to study. Specifically the conference shows that an understudying of Psychology is essential for each and every people because Psychology directly and indirectly related with everyone’s life. Delegate like Mr. Arvind Otta discussed the scope in Psychology, how students secure their future as well as support and provide services in mental health sector and develop career as Clinical Psychologist, Rehabilitation Psychologist, Counselor and other mental health professional .

Arvind Otta “Gaurav” receiving Gold Medal and Honor from Mira Kumar

Arvind kumar gaurav receiving honorMr. Arvind kumar Otta receiving gold medal for best student of psychology and the got first position in the university. After receiving the gold medal Mr. Arvind Otta said: I am very glad to receive gold medal and it will motivate me in future. They also said that they will use their education for society and they will effort to finish superstition from society specially related to Psychological disorder and phenomena. Professor Mr. Singh said that future is in very secure hand like Mr. Arvind Kumar Otta “Gaurav”. Mr Arvind Otta also awarded as a young Researcher of University by Vice- Chancellor.